Ingatestone Hall Classic Car Show 2018 - Registration open in a week, start Oct

               Sunday, 29th July, 2018 - Just updating the website, registration open in a week (start Oct) - The DLOC Great Eastern Rally

Raffle Tickets/Car Registration
Registration CLOSES Sat 22nd July 2017 at 12 noon 
This event is free to the public but exhibitors must pre register their cars by purchasing tickets. This gives you main show fields parking access (2 fields) and entry into the raffle.
The amount you register will buy you the same value in raffle tickets which we will give you on the day, you can register/donate from £3 upwards.
£3 = 3 tickets, £5 = 5 raffle tickets etc. There has always been a raffle so I wanted to continue this but make it a bit easier to manage which is why I would encourage pre registration. Debit/Credit card or PayPal will work. You do not need a paypal account to register.
If you arrive on the day but have not pre purchased entry then there is a flat fee of £20 entry/registration for 1x raffle ticket.
The raffle draw information will be updated here in due course. 3pm for the draw. Public entry is from 10am, exhibitors please arrive anytime after 8am and preferably before 9.30.
A raffle has historically been used to cover the running costs of the event, insurance etc. Any money left over will go to Farleigh Hospice charity.
Members of the public can also buy raffle tickets too.    Please pre register your car using the link below, this gives you priority entrance to the main show area.  There is a record of payment which will be ticked off as you arrive and we will give you tickets. There will be plenty of staff on hand to help.

When you complete the payment you will arrive at a thank you page which acknowledges your payment. If you do not see this page please contact me using the form or email below.

Click Here To Pre-Register

Registration uses paypal but you can actually pay without a paypal account using your debit or credit card.
Those who wish to pay £20 "pay on the day" do not need to register.