Ingatestone Hall Classic Car Show 2018 - Registration open in a week, start Oct

               Sunday, 29th July, 2018 - Just updating the website, registration open in a week (start Oct) - The DLOC Great Eastern Rally

Ingatestone Hall Car Show 2017 - DLOC GER - Regsistration is now closed

Registration for entry to this event on 23rd July 2017 is now closed. Last minute slots may be available, please TEXT ONLY 07850 330581and I will see if we can allocate a registration for you but this is not guaranteed now. I may not be able to respond as there is a lot of admin but I will try.

If not park up the top, walk down and we'll sort something out.

Registration for next years event will open mid august, the date is on the history tab.

Thank you to everyone for their support. Be sure to check out the Car Information booklet in the gallery under 2017